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Welcome to WellPlace – your Workplace Wellbeing Partner.

We know that employees are a company’s greatest asset. WellPlace helps your company look after your employees by providing an extensive range of workplace wellbeing services. We are based in Dublin and provide workplace wellness solutions to companies all over Ireland.

We tailor sessions to suit your business needs and they can be run live online, in person, or recorded and available on demand. We offer a complete range of wellbeing services to help your employees to feel well – physically, mentally and emotionally – and when people feel well, they work well.

Featured Event: International Women's Day

Your image speaks before you do. 55% of a first impression is based on the visual (what we see). That first impression is formed in less than 7 seconds and is cemented in 30 seconds.
This talk is about building empowerment and self-confidence by understanding how you are perceived, what that looks like, the psychology behind what you wear, and why it’s important for how you feel and how you behave and perform. It offers a toolkit to help people understand what part image plays in behaviour, perceptions, performance and confidence. They will understand the importance of being authentic, having clarity and consistency which in turn will empower them to behave confidently.

They’ll be seen, heard and valued.

International Women's day 2024

Benefits of Investing in Workplace Wellbeing

More engaged and committed workforce
Improved culture where people feel valued and appreciated
Saves money as people take less time off work
Reduced stress: Feel Well, Work Well, Live Well
Boost your Retention and Attraction strategies
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