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If you are looking for Workplace Wellbeing for your employees or team, you've come to the right place!

We are committed to supporting companies with all their workplace wellbeing needs, whether at home or in the office, and helping employees to feel well – physically, mentally and emotionally.

When companies invest in workplace wellbeing, the employees and the business will thrive. It is critical in order to maintain an engaged and committed workforce and, at WellPlace, we ensure that you and your employees have the best experience.

Talented professionals

Our Wellbeing Team

Mairead McCarthy
Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor
Andrew O'Brien
Evidence-based Nutritionist
Maria Macklin
Empowerment & Image
Colm & Eamonn Brady
Complete Body Fitness
Linda Huskes
Cooking Demos
Mark Carolan
Life. Leadership & Executive Coach & Speaker
Deirdre O'Connor
Sleep Therapist
Colman Power
Organic Fitness
Helena Dilleen
Mindfulness & Gratitude Instructor
Una Curran
Mind Gym
Lisa Cresswell
Resilience Trainer
Adrian Treacy
Success Mindset
Pascale Lutz
EFT / Tapping facilitator
Nick Buckley
Financial Wellbeing
Tracy Byrne
Exercise & Health Fitness

What can you do for your employees' wellbeing?