Coping mechanisms for men to live a better life at work (and at home)

The problem is not the problem.

Our ability to cope with the problem is the problem.


Why can one man deal with a challenge and get through it,

And the next man flounder and struggle under the same situation.


What is the common denominator between these?

What makes the difference?


As men we are too often stuck in a space of comparison.

Not being as good as some other man,

As strong,

As capable.


The pressure to ‘man-up’ leading us to ignore the problems and not deal with what the true issue is.

What makes us a better man?

What makes us more capable?

men coping

How we cope.

What we do when confronted with challenging situations.

These are our coping mechanisms.

These are skills we can learn,

Tools we can apply,

Ways that we shift our mindset to stop focusing on the problem and begin looking for solutions


Life is not what it’s supposed to be

It is what it is

The way you cope with it is what makes the difference to your life



Mark is a dynamic and transformational life and executive coach. He is also a corporate wellbeing coach and consultant, and takes his experience and learning from over 20 years in the corporate world as an inspiration for his talks and work on how we can be better in work and better in life.

As well as being a very committed coach he is a passionate public speaker, twice toastmasters national champion and a TEDx speaker where he spoke about 'the magic of being yourself' - capturing his philosophy that 'coming home to ourselves' and living a life in line with what we value is the catalyst for living our best life.

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