IWD: The Power of Visually Expressing Who You Are

On this International Women’s Day, we all have a part to play in being visible, not only for ourselves but as a role model to those women and girls who look up to us. If we are nowhere to be seen, they won’t be inspired. As an Image Consultant, my role is to help you be seen, be heard and be valued. My focus is on how you show up. And there’s a power in showing up as your most authentic self who looks and feels comfortable, confident and consistent. There are a few easy ways to help you step into your power.

Learn to express who you are in your clothing choices.

Sometimes we dress to conform to a standard set by others – our peers, our work situation, our parents. Often our choices reflect how we’ve been influenced to fit in throughout our life. There is always a tension between wanting to stand out and wanting to fit in. When you align your style to your personality, you won’t leave anything to chance. People will see you authentically from how you show up to your associated behaviours, values and reputation. Your clothes will enhance and support who you are.

Learn how to have the right impact

We all feel comfortable with different levels of impact – we all have to fill our own space. Not everyone likes to be centre stage, some times we want to be less visible. However, no-one likes to be ignored. Understand how to move your look up a notch when you need to. Add a jacket (your coat of armour) and some accessories. Everything you wear can help support your message (or distract from your message) and can help your performance and outcomes. Take note of how people respond to you depending on what you’re wearing and tweak if necessary.

Wear some colour

Not only does colour help you to have impact, wearing the right colours will help you look younger, brighter, fresher. If you’re looking to encourage feelings of happiness and contentment through your own wardrobe, you don’t need to turn to a specific colour, look to what you already know you love. Until you understand which are your best colours, wear more of your favourite colours, those that you associate with confidence and joy.

There is no-one else on this planet quite like you. You are unique. No-one else can be you and you can’t authentically be anyone else. The best you can be is to be yourself.



Maria is an award-winning Image Consultant with House of Colour, helping men and women to discover their personal brand.
Her purpose is to ensure that everyone loves who they are. She uses the science of style and with her clients helps connect their inner personality to their outward persona.

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