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Workplace Wellbeing Sessions


Talk with practical and fun tips on how you can boost your resilience throughout your day-to-day life. This is designed to empower you by explaining and demonstrating how you can harness your own physiology to enhance your wellbeing.

Sleep Well

Sleep has a massive impact on our overall wellbeing - when we sleep well, it enhances our performance and helps reduce anxiety. Join this talk with practical tips on how to improve your sleep and how to get back to sleep if you wake during the night.


Practical session which isn’t exercise but instead the focus is on stretching and moving to help you feel good. Releasing any tension or tightness in the body and helping you to go about your day to day tasks feeling better in yourself. No special clothing or special equipment is needed.

Eat Well: Cook Along

Practical session where you can have some fun creating healthy and tasty food to help maintain your energy levels during the working day. Ingredients list is provided prior to the session and the recipe is provided afterwards.


Talk with practical tips on how to feel healthier and more alert and energetic with nutrition guidance for the workplace and home.

Tapping / EFT

Practical session using Emotional Freedom Technique which is based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional stresses without the invasiveness of needles. No special clothing or special equipment is needed.

Coping with change

Build awareness of change and understand how change can lead to stress - but this stress can be managed in an appropriate way. Find a way towards accepting the change and moving forward into a growth mindset which will benefit working but also personal life.

The Power of Vulnerability

Vulnerability is far from weakness, it takes courage, and this talk is designed to help provide the chance to learn and grow and become a better version of one's self.

Reduce Stress

Talk designed to help your employees tackle anxiety, overwhelm and burnout with easy to implement practical tips to help reduce stress.

Chair massage

Onsite massage (chairs provided) so your staff can get stress relief while clothed with no shower needed. Helps to boost the immune system and prevent and correct repetitive strain injuries.

Fitness workout

Practical session run by two instructors so that the session caters for varying fitness levels. One will demonstrate higher intensity and more challenging exercises and the other will demonstrate lower intensity and less challenging exercises to accommodate all levels (and also to ease off if you feel you need it at any stage during the session!). Fitness clothes are needed for this session.


Practical session using visualisation and meditation techniques designed to help you have a clear head and relieve stress.

Good Habits

Talk to help identify the habits that are holding you back as we unconsciously control our lives through habits. This talk will provide a system to amend those habits, and begin to design who you want to be in the future.

Mental Health

Connect with others & develop a deeper understanding about mental health and emotional wellbeing. We will openly speak about stigma, stress and building a future where we can safely have conversations around mental health. We all have mental health, empower yourself to be the best version of you.

Grow Your Own

Food has a massive part to play in the way you look, feel and how much energy levels you have and organic food is the gold standard. This sessions shows from the beginning how to grow a seed and transplant and harvest your very own chemical free organic vegetables.

Mind Gym

Practical session to help bring the mind and body into balance with these movements. No special clothing or special equipment is needed.


Regular gratitude practice leads to reduced fear and increased motivation. This session includes mindfulness of the breath; the theory behind the practice of gratitude; and a guided gratitude practice.

Self-Care & Avoiding Burnout

A talk designed to understand the necessity of self-care, identify the risks of burnout, and remedies for it, and also provide tools to develop a clear picture of how your overall life is and where this can be improved.

Empowerment & Image

Talk about building empowerment and self-confidence using the science of style, helping to connect your inner personality to your outward persona.


Practical session in Hatha Yoga style, consisting mainly of postures (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama). A mat and comfortable clothes that you can easily move in are needed for this session.

Success Mindset

This talk introduces the concept of how the mind works and how it controls most of what we do on a daily basis without us ever knowing about it. How we can identify the mental programming that causes us to do the things we don't want to do and also how we can essentially 're-programme' our minds, like a computer, to achieve the results we are looking for.


Practical session with tips and tools to help improve your focus through breathing exercises. When the mind is calm, you can think more clearly and focus on what needs to be done. Option to include essential oils in this session for added benefits.

Financial Wellbeing

Learn what true financial wellbeing is and how to cultivate it in your own life. This talk helps you understand your finances better in the current economic climate, with guidance on financial budgeting and planning and creating your financial vision.


Talk on understanding the challenges of motivation, how to build it and how to bring it back when it's gone, as well as a little banging on the table to ‘get you going'


Practical session to help build your focus using breathing and awareness techniques. This is done sitting and no special clothing or special equipment is needed.

sound bath

Sound bath healing

Meditative session done lying down where participants ‘bathe in the sound’. It is a wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic holistic healing modality whose benefits include reducing stress, worry, anger, frustration, burn out, fatigue; and boosting energy, concentration, clarity and creativity.

De-stress techniques

Practical session focusing on a variety of techniques designed to help relieve stress including breathwork, mindfulness and positive affirmations.

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